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How To Solve The Overload Of Crushing And Grinding Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-12 17:40:16

In the process of industrial development, crushing and grinding equipment is more and more used in powder crushing and grinding. The crusher represented by Jinjiang crusher has become one of the essential and important equipment in industrial crushing operation. But when the crushing engineering machinery in the production process appears too much load, then how to solve it?

In the process of crushing and grinding equipment working, some manufacturers increase the conformity of production in order to pursue the production output for a while, which results in overload phenomenon of crushing and grinding equipment. If the crushing and grinding equipment is overloaded, it will simply shut down. If it is serious, parts will break inside the crushing and grinding equipment. Therefore, after the crushing and grinding equipment is overloaded, we should take corresponding measures to carry out first aid to avoid abrasion or even complete damage of the crushing and grinding equipment.

Taking Jinjiang crusher as an example, when the internal part of Jinjiang crusher enters the non crusher object, the crushing force of Jinjiang crusher will increase, at this time, the pressure of the thrust plate acting on the working cylinder will be higher than the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the instantaneous increase of the oil pressure in the oil cavity of the working cylinder may lead to the shutdown. Therefore, we can equip throttle valve in the internal of Jinjiang crusher. Through this valve, the action valve can work, and then the hydraulic cylinder can automatically drain oil, limit the very large thrust of the thrust plate, so as to protect the equipment.

In addition to the above measures, it is also necessary to timely remove the non broken materials inside the crushing construction machinery. When the crushing engineering machinery is overloaded, it needs to shut down immediately, and then manually remove the non broken materials in the crushing cavity; or wait for the crushing engineering machinery to start the automatic removal system, because of the very large thrust provided by the working cylinder, the piston moves to the right and retracts, correspondingly, the ore discharge opening of the crushing engineering machinery increases, and the non broken materials gradually move downward and finally move from the Discharge from ore discharge outlet. Both of these methods can remove the non broken objects and protect the equipment. Overload phenomenon of crushing construction machinery is not desirable. No matter the majority of users use any crusher equipment, such phenomenon should be avoided to achieve the desired good results.


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