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How To Solve The Blocking Phenomenon Of Pe1000x1200 Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-11 23:12:43

Jaw crusher, as a common crushing equipment, is mainly used for crushing raw materials, which is widely used in many fields such as mining, metallurgy, chemistry, etc. In particular, the new type 1000 * 1200 jaw crusher can effectively crush materials with water content, which is incomparable with other crushing equipment. However, in the actual production process, there is a user reaction that the equipment is prone to be blocked, so how to solve the problem of pe1000 * 1200 jaw crusher being blocked?

When the jaw crusher 1000 * 1200 is running, if the car is blocked, the first reason may be that the size of the crushing ring and roller of the main machine of the jaw crusher is unreasonable. Once the size of the crushing ring and roller is unreasonable, it will lead to the parts falling off or moving during the production of the equipment. At this time, the operation of pe1000 * 1200 jaw crusher will have problems, which will eventually lead to the occurrence of blocking, and even lead to some safety production problems.

Once the pe1000 * 1200 jaw crusher is blocked, the problem can be solved by improving the air separation process system. During the operation of the equipment, in order to perfectly cooperate with the high-efficiency fine powder concentrator, it is necessary to overcome the large resistance and other faults between the equipment, and then select some induced draft fans and high-pressure blower and other equipment to make the air pressure become larger, so that the 1000 * 1200 jaw crusher can operate stably and avoid the occurrence of common blocking phenomenon.

In order to prevent the 1000 * 1200 jaw crusher from being blocked, the load current of the classifier can also be detected in time, so as to control the feeding speed reasonably. In this way, under the premise of grouping accuracy, the phenomenon of material blocking can be prevented. In addition, some improvements can be made to the original cyclone dust collector of pe1000 * 1200 jaw crusher, and some high-tech cyclone dust collectors can be used, so that the hub components can be protected, and the occurrence of blocking can be avoided.

It is very common for pe1000 * 1200 jaw crusher to get stuck. In view of these common faults, all operators should analyze the operation principle of the equipment, find out the fault in time, adjust and improve the equipment, and replace the parts in time in case of serious problems. Only by doing these, can we effectively avoid the 1000 * 1200 jaw crusher from being blocked, and ensure that all production can be carried out efficiently and orderly.


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