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How To Replace Jaw Plate Of Pe500x750 Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:35:25

Jaw crusher belongs to a kind of more traditional crushing equipment. When it works, the load it will bear is generally far away from other crushing equipment. In addition, pe500 * 750 jaw crusher is generally in direct contact with some hard ores and rocks in the production process. At this time, vulnerable parts such as jaw plate are very vulnerable to different degrees of damage. So how to replace jaw plate of jaw crusher 500 * 750?

For 500 * 750 jaw crusher, the jaw plate is the main driving force for the operation of the equipment, and the jaw plate is directly related to the production capacity and production efficiency of materials. Once the jaw plate is seriously damaged or directly broken, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time. It is necessary to take appropriate measures when replacing, otherwise other faults may occur to the jaw crusher 500 * 750, or even safety accidents may occur.

Once the jaw plate of pe500 * 750 jaw crusher is seriously worn or directly broken, some emergency measures need to be taken. At this time, the ore in the crushing chamber is generally completely removed first, and then the worn or broken jaw plate in the jaw crusher is taken out with professional tools. At the same time, the moving jaw and elbow plate are inspected to see if they are damaged, and then the new jaw crusher 500 * 750 jaw plate is replaced.

When replacing the jaw plate of 500 * 750 jaw crusher, the moving jaw is generally pulled to the side of the fixed jaw first, and then the surface of the elbow plate is added with oil lubrication in time, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the crusher and reduce the friction between equipment parts and materials. Then add the brand-new jaw plate to make the sum close to the working face of the elbow plate gradually. At the same time, pay attention to tightening the horizontal pull rod to let the jaw plate be clamped by the moving jaw of the jaw crusher 500 * 750. Finally, tighten the safety cover.

It is inevitable for pe500 * 750 jaw crusher to have various faults during operation, which requires all operators to conduct comprehensive supervision on the equipment in time and regular inspection. Once the equipment is found to be in trouble, it is necessary to repair it in time, especially when the jaw plate is worn or broken, so that the service life of the jaw crusher 500 * 750 can be prolonged and the benefit of the enterprise can be improved.


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