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How To Reduce The Maintenance Times Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-06 23:06:57

As a mechanical equipment, bauxite mill will inevitably fail in production. It will take a certain time to maintain the equipment, which will cause the equipment shutdown and affect the production efficiency. Therefore, in order to save maintenance time, only to minimize the maintenance times of bauxite mill, so as to ensure the normal production of equipment and promote the smooth operation of grinding production, what should we do? First of all, we need to regularly check the equipment in daily life to see if there is any fault, and make reasonable treatment. In the use of equipment, regular maintenance is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. With the provision of maintenance times, it will inevitably affect the normal production operation of the equipment, so we should reasonably improve the performance of the equipment through daily maintenance and reduce the occurrence of faults. The operator of the equipment shall always pay attention to the operation state of the pulverizer, observe the operation of each component, observe the production state through the particle size and quantity of pulverizing, and pay attention to each link of production at all times. Secondly, the maintenance work before and after the production of bauxite mill should be done well, and the integrity of the equipment should be checked at any time, especially the inspection of vulnerable parts. When there are seriously worn parts, they should be replaced in time and effective lubrication should be taken. After the machine is shut down, it is necessary to clean up the pulverizer, such as the place where dust or blockage are likely to occur, such as the motor and dust remover, so as to ensure the cleanness and tidiness of the bauxite pulverizer, and reasonably clean the production area of the equipment. www.zzsgzj.cn


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