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How To Reduce The Failure Rate Of Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-01 07:55:31

Quanzhou is well known for Anta, Tebu, peak, 361du, hongxingerke and other sports brands. In fact, in addition to light industry, Quanzhou's machinery and equipment are developing very fast. Take Quanzhou crusher for example. Quanzhou crusher manufacturers have seen the hot head and advantages of crusher production in many first tier cities, so they began to rush to produce crushers. Compared with the first tier cities, they have chosen the preferred site. The region is relatively broad, and the cost will be relatively low. As for technological advantages, it is believed that the opening up of technological exchanges is not a problem. Although Quanzhou crusher has a huge advantage, but the crusher in the production process will inevitably fail, just like human disease, but the correct operation can greatly reduce the failure rate of the crusher.

To reduce the failure rate of Quanzhou crusher, first of all, we should start from the start-up and feeding of the jammer. In the operation process of Quanzhou coal mine crusher, many operators in order to save time are feeding while starting up, or feeding before starting up, which will cause equipment blockage. The correct operation should be to let the equipment idle for a while after starting up, feeding, and transporting materials evenly to the crushing cavity of the equipment when feeding, the quantity of each feeding is general The size of feeding material should not be too large to be lower than the height of the mortar wall, and the basic properties of the material should be adjusted according to the requirements of the equipment to confirm that there is no deviation. The advantage of this is to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly, reduce the failure rate and delay the working time and production output.

After the crusher is started and fed, it is waiting for the crusher to discharge. At the beginning of discharging, it can be observed whether the quality of the finished product meets the requirements. If there is any deviation from the requirements, the equipment may have problems, then the equipment should be stopped for inspection. The correct operation should be to stop feeding and cut off the power line for equipment fault inspection after the materials in the crushing chamber are completely broken. During the operation of Quanzhou crusher, operators should pay attention to the maintenance and supervision of the equipment, and do not let the operation load of the crusher exceed the specified range, so as to avoid safety accidents and casualties of operators. The failure rate of crusher is completely in the hands of operators, so some users will find that the service life and production efficiency of the same two Quanzhou crushers are different.


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