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How To Realize High Efficiency Crushing With Crusher Equipment In Laboratory

Last Update:2020-05-03 06:57:37

Front row, operate the test crusher correctly. First of all, the operators are required to have the correct steps to operate the equipment, and also have good quality. Before starting the crusher, it is necessary to check whether the crushing chamber is clean and free of foreign matters. If any foreign matters are found, they need to be removed in time to ensure that the equipment is started under no load. Secondly, it is necessary to check the oil temperature and oil pressure, everything is within the normal range, and then start the test crushing equipment.

Second, after the test crusher is started, it will take a period of operation to reach the normal rotation speed, so the operator must pay attention to the need to specify the start-up time of the equipment. After startup, the ore can be fed only when the equipment is in normal operation and there is no noise or knocking sound. The operator needs to ensure that the ore is fed evenly to prevent the overload operation of the crusher used in the laboratory. In addition, in the actual crushing operation, there are many details that need to be noticed by the operator, such as the lubrication of the equipment. Normal lubrication has a great impact on the operation and work of the equipment. Therefore, in the operation of the equipment, the operator must regularly check and test whether the lubrication of each lubrication node of the crushing equipment is good, and if any component is found to be lubricated If the situation is not good, it should be solved in time, and the proper quality lubricating oil should be replaced regularly.

Third, during the operation of the test crushing equipment, the operators must keep alert at all times and observe the operation of the equipment in the market. If it is found that the ore mouth is blocked by large ore blocks, it is necessary to turn it over with iron hook in time to prevent the large ore from damaging the equipment. If there are many ores or the crushing chamber is blocked, the ore feeding must be stopped in time, and the materials in the crushing chamber of the crusher in the laboratory shall be crushed clean before the ore feeding continues. It is forbidden for the operator to take or sort out the large ore directly by hand. If the large ore needs to be taken out, it must be stopped in time and taken out with special tools.


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