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How To Realize Environmental Protection In Sand And Stone Dry Process And Wet Process

Last Update:2020-05-14 05:36:49

How to realize environmental protection in sand and stone production process? Under normal circumstances, our sand and aggregate production will adopt a dry process with little environmental impact. This method saves water, because dry sand uses very little water and basically does not use water other than spray dust. However, no matter what kind of production process is used, it should be carried out on the premise of environmental protection.

Dry production refers to the fact that the whole production line basically does not need water. In addition to individual processes, it uses spray and dusting to use water. This technology is mostly used in the northern part of China, and the semi dry method is used in the southern part of our country. That is to say, there is no water in the process of crushing and crushing, and the washing and washing process will be washed by sand washing machine. On the premise of meeting the technical requirements of concrete aggregate, the design of sand and stone processing process should try to choose the dry process with relatively light environmental impact.

Generally, the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing modes are used in the dry production of artificial aggregate. The sand making equipment selected in the dry production, or the vertical shaft impact crusher, requires that the feed particle size is less than 50 mm. After two-stage crushing, the sand and stone with the particle size less than 50 mm can be directly entered into the VSI sand making machine, thus simplifying the process flow. In order to reduce the noise and dust of dry production, the sand and stone processing plant will adopt the full dry production in order to meet the environmental protection requirements. The whole production line is fully sealed design. The dust produced is recycled by fan and dust collector, and screened by screening equipment. This kind of sand processing system can be considered to be fully sealed and environmentally friendly for crushing and screening equipment.

In the wet production of sand and stone, if the wet mode is adopted, the water content of sand is relatively high, generally about 15%, which will affect the mix proportion of concrete to a certain extent, but it will bring difficulties to the production of cushion materials, because the water content of the finished sand cushion materials is about 3%. At present, some methods are mainly mixing adjustment process, water washing and stone washing process for screen surface. For semi-finished sand, wheel type sand washing machine or spiral sand washing machine is used to wash away redundant stone powder or soil first, but a large number of useful fine particles are lost in the washing process. In order to reduce the discharge of stone powder, these particles can be recovered. When selecting wet production process, it is necessary to Adopt reasonable wastewater treatment process to make comprehensive use of wastewater and waste residue, turn waste into treasure, reduce waste residue disposal as far as possible, and make it meet the environmental protection requirements.

According to the current implementation of various production projects, with the continuous improvement of production equipment and technology, the dry aggregate production system is mainly used in construction, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and other industries. Combined with the advantages and disadvantages of the dry and wet method, the semi-dry sand production process has obvious implementation effect in the nuclear power plant. Environmental protection sand aggregate is required for each project, and the enterprise should implement it in combination with the specific situation.


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