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How To Realize Efficient Operation Of Px Series Gyratory Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-13 05:03:41

Among numerous crusher series, PX series gyratory crusher is used in various industries because of its convenient use and large crushing ratio, and creates higher value for entrepreneurs. To improve the production efficiency of gyratory crusher is the wish of many users, but in fact, it is not difficult. Daily maintenance is also a measure to improve the efficient operation of the equipment. The following is a detailed introduction.

At the forefront, after the newly purchased gyratory crusher is put into production, before each start-up and after the completion of the work, it is necessary to comprehensively check the crusher. Every detail problem cannot be let go. The crusher cannot be produced normally because of a small problem, so the user must take this work seriously. Only when the gyratory crusher is in normal condition, start up and follow the correct steps, can it improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

The second step is to check the motor and lubrication of gyratory crusher every week. The motor and lubrication state of the crusher are the key points of whether the equipment can work normally. For this, the user must do a careful and careful inspection, and not be careless. During the inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to whether every lubricating point of the equipment is in a good lubricating state, and to see how the quality of the lubricating oil is. It is necessary to replace the new lubricating oil. When replacing the PX series gyratory crusher, it is necessary to ensure its quality and replace the matched lubricating oil.

The third step is to replace the vulnerable parts of PX series gyratory crusher. When the crusher works for a period of time, the user should check whether the wearing condition of the vulnerable parts of the equipment seriously affects the normal production. If it is, it should be replaced in time. If it can be made up by other methods, the corresponding methods should be adopted to make up and ensure that the vulnerable parts will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. When replacing the vulnerable parts, the user shall employ professional technicians and dismantle the equipment according to the correct steps, so as to avoid damage to the gyratory crusher.

Only if the user achieves the above points, can the efficient operation of the gyratory crusher be guaranteed, and the service life of the equipment can be increased correspondingly. Facts have proved that the maintenance work of gyratory crusher is very important. It can not only improve the production efficiency and product quality of the equipment, but also extend the service life of the equipment, making the best of both worlds.


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