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How To Prolong The Working Time Of Jaw Crusher In Glass Industry

Last Update:2020-05-07 04:25:08

In the operation and production of glass crushing, professional production lines will use jaw crushers in the glass industry, so as to make the glass crushing get very high quality crushing quality. So in the process of using the glass jaw crusher, it is easy to overheat, so many enterprises are very concerned about extending the working time of the glass jaw crusher. Let's see how to extend the working time of Hebei jaw crusher.

The front line is to control the feeding source of the glass jaw crusher. Cutting glass is a front-line process, and the resulting "product" is the raw material of the glass jaw crusher. The quality of raw materials directly affects the service life and efficiency of glass jaw crusher. Large pieces of glass need to be treated twice before they can be used as raw materials. In addition, it is necessary to correctly install and commission the spare parts related to the jaw crusher. When the glass jaw crusher rotates, when its moment of inertia is large, the weight of the hammer head is not equal, resulting in the rotor dynamic balance is not good, its rotor and bearing will be damaged to a certain extent, which will bring disadvantages to the equipment and production. Therefore, the user must correctly install and debug the relevant spare parts of the glass jaw crusher to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

Secondly, regular inspection and maintenance of jaw crusher for glass industry should be done. Lubricating oil has a great influence on the equipment. Every lubricating point of jaw crusher used in glass industry needs operators to inject oil quantitatively according to the actual situation to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In the process of managing jaw crusher in glass industry, maintenance is better than rush repair, and inspection is better than maintenance. Therefore, as long as operators do routine inspection work and find small problems to be solved in time, the probability of equipment overhaul and emergency repair will be reduced;

Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the management of spare parts of Hebei jaw crusher. For production, equipment is the basic guarantee and prerequisite. In the management of equipment, appropriate spare parts reserve is essential. For example, reserve some vulnerable parts, such as bow plate, hammer shaft, hammer head, etc.; ensure the appropriate technical transformation and innovation of Hebei jaw crusher. If the user can make appropriate technical improvement and innovation on the vulnerable parts and production process of the crusher, so as to reduce the production cost, improve the product quality and extend the service life of Hebei jaw crusher.


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