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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Large Multi Hammer Hammer Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 17:03:40

With the continuous progress of social science and technology in the valley, the crushing machinery industry has developed rapidly. In the past, most people used old-fashioned crushers with low efficiency and short service life. For investors, the medium-term consumption is very large. Later, after continuous upgrading and optimization of various functions of the crusher, a multi hammer crusher was produced, which is more convenient for people to use and successfully replaced the old jaw crusher. Moreover, this kind of machine has higher efficiency, stronger crushing capacity and larger output compared with all kinds of old-fashioned machines, which provides considerable profits for investors. However, based on the existing resources, how can we further improve the returns of investors? That is to extend the service life of the crusher as much as possible. To extend the service life of crusher, it is necessary to maintain it correctly.

In order to find the right way to extend the service life of the crusher, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of all aspects of the crusher. First of all, we clearly understand that the hammer crusher can directly crush the very large particle size of 600-1800 mm materials to the crusher of 25 or below. It is mainly suitable for crushing medium hardness materials in cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials. The working principle of the large hammer crusher requires that the strength of the machine itself needs to be very high, especially the strength of the hammer. It can be said that the hammer is the core part of the whole hammer crusher. The hammer head of hammer crusher is worn very fast, so we can choose cast iron electrode to build up welding to restore the original shape and save high-quality steel. When replacing the hammer head, ensure that it is installed at the corresponding position, otherwise it will cause the unbalanced rotor to rotate and vibrate, resulting in premature damage of the bearing. In addition, when the rotor bearing is in normal operation, the temperature shall be lower than 60 ℃, and the ideal temperature shall not be higher than 70 ℃. If the temperature is higher than 70 ℃, stop and check immediately. Maintain a certain clearance between the bearing cup and bearing cap, and clean the bearing every six months.

Correct maintenance method is the key to extend the service life of crusher. Many investors are very clear, hammer crusher hammer price is very high, therefore, we should pay special attention to the quality of materials used in the crusher. Only by purchasing a crusher with advanced technology and reasonable price can the investment of the whole production line be reduced and the final income be relatively large. The hammer crusher produced by Shanghai Shibang meets such requirements. Only by continuously extending the service life of crusher, can we continuously increase the output and bring continuous income to investors.


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