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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Coke Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 11:44:44

The crusher is widely used in modern production. Among many crushers, the coke crusher is a common one. Compared with other crushing equipment, this kind of crushing equipment has many production advantages, is very simple to operate, and has a large amount of crushing. However, for many users, due to various reasons in the production process, the service life of the equipment has been greatly affected, so how to extend the service life of the coke crushing equipment?

When working in the mine, the front working procedure is the finished product after blasting, which is the ideal raw material for crushing, so its quality directly affects the production efficiency and service life of coke crushing. However, in the actual operation, some operators do not pay attention to this, and send large pieces of materials into the crushing chamber of the coke crushing equipment, resulting in the complete seizure of the equipment. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine in time for adjustment, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

In the operation process of coke crusher, its rotating speed is faster and faster, so the moment of inertia will continue to increase. If the weight of hammerhead of common equipment such as hammer crusher is not equal, it is likely to cause the rotor to lose balance, resulting in the bearing and rotor wear and damage, seriously affecting the working efficiency and production of the production line. At the same time, it will affect the coke crusher It is also a great threat, greatly reducing its normal service life.

In order to prolong the service life of the coke crushing equipment, it is necessary to check whether the operation status of the equipment is normal in time. In case of any abnormality or failure in the process of equipment production, it is necessary to stop the machine in time for comprehensive inspection and take effective solutions in time. In addition, pay attention to the replacement and addition of lubricating oil, which will also have a great impact on the normal operation of the equipment. Do not operate the coke crusher without lubricating oil.

Coke crushing equipment is widely used in modern production, especially in the fields of mining, metallurgy and chemical industry. In the actual production process, many users will encounter equipment faults and abnormalities, as well as wearing and varying degrees of damage of vulnerable parts, which requires all operators to do a good job in the daily supervision and maintenance of coke crusher, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, to ensure its very large service life.


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