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How To Process The Raw Coal By The Raw Coal Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 20:05:29

According to our understanding, crusher, as a common equipment of modern industrial reproduction, can be divided into many different forms according to its application scope and industry differences. For coal processing, one aspect is the processing and crushing of raw coal, which is what we call raw coal crusher. So, specifically, what is the raw coal crusher, raw coal crusher manufacturers and equipment prices? Below, let's take a look at the relevant introduction made by professionals:

First of all, for the raw coal crusher, the professional of the raw coal crusher manufacturer pointed out that, simply speaking, the raw coal crusher is the machine and equipment used to process and crush the coal mine stone. According to its different structure, the raw coal crusher can be divided into two types: ring hammer crusher and hammer crusher. It is often used to crush other kinds of brittle materials, medium hard materials with little water. There are two kinds of general operation methods: one is open circuit crushing system, the other is closed circuit crushing system.

As for the two systems of raw coal crusher, the professionals pointed out that there is no very strict need or definition for the open circuit crushing system to be used for the particle size of broken goods, or there is no big block when crushing, and the closed circuit crushing system is also known as the circulation crushing system, but it needs to have strict rules and standards on the provisions of broken goods. These are two systems A big difference, and the crusher itself can not reach this need. In the closed-circuit crushing system, the screening of broken goods needs to be carried out with the help of a sieve. The principle of the screening is mainly that the coal block is broken by a toothed roller crusher from the beginning until it passes through the sieve hole intermittently. Through the introduction, we can also see that the two systems have advantages and disadvantages, and the current raw coal crusher manufacturers mostly choose open circuit crushing system.

For the working principle of raw coal crusher, simply speaking, it is the processing process of splitting large materials into small particles through mechanical equipment. The working principle of the raw coal crusher is mainly shown in the following three aspects: first, the incoming requirements for large materials. There must be certain regulations on coal particle size. Once the regulations are exceeded, it needs to be broken first and then flipped. On the other hand, in order to select fine coal, it needs to be broken into smaller particle size to separate coal and gangue. At last, it needs to be sent to the re concentrator and then flipped. The price of raw coal crushing equipment is also a concern of many customers. Here we specially remind that as long as we choose normal Professional raw coal crusher manufacturers will have reasonable equipment price and superior quality assurance.


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