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How To Prevent Dust With Jaw Crusher In Small Laboratory

Last Update:2020-05-13 19:15:14

Fortunately, there are many kinds of crushers. No matter what kind of crusher, there will be many problems in the production, which is no exception for the laboratory jaw crusher. As one of the more traditional crusher equipment, jaw crusher is widely used in many fields, such as construction, metallurgy, etc. in the actual production, the problem that puzzles many production personnel is how to remove the dust of crusher. So let's take a look at the small laboratory jaw crusher dust generation how to prevent it.

In order to prevent the production of jaw crusher dust in small and medium-sized laboratories, it is necessary to completely seal the two dust source points of loading and unloading of the equipment, then use the fan for dust extraction, and at the same time use the wet dust remover for systematic purification of the air. At present, the wet crushing and screening process is an effective way to reduce dust pollution in production. In the laboratory jaw crusher crushing process, the wet crushing and screening process should be selected as much as possible.

Some traditional unreasonable production processes may also lead to a large amount of dust. Therefore, when using jaw crusher to produce in the laboratory, we can improve the unreasonable production processes that cause dust, replace some severely polluted crusher production equipment, and use some advanced environmental protection technology and equipment for production. At the same time, the relevant personnel can discuss and simplify the screening operation of small laboratory jaw crusher, which can also reduce the generation of dust.

In addition to the above methods, dust generation can also be reduced by reducing the height difference and inclination angle of the unloading material flow of the small laboratory jaw crusher. In this way, the flow velocity of materials can be reduced by setting up flow separation facilities, which can also help the transportation of materials to have a normal speed and avoid a large amount of dust in production. It can not only effectively prevent the harm of dust to the laboratory jaw crusher parts, but also ensure the health of operators.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the dust-proof treatment of small laboratory jaw crusher is more and more advanced. During the operation, we must pay attention to the harm of dust to the equipment itself and the threat to the health of the operators, and do a good job of dust prevention of the laboratory jaw crusher on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the production line.


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