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How To Operate The Cone Crusher Safely According To The Installation Scheme And Operation Instructions

Last Update:2020-05-13 05:52:08

For the use of any equipment, the first thing is to be familiar with its working principle so that it can be installed and used correctly. Therefore, general large-scale industrial production equipment is strictly required to be operated and used by professional personnel, which is not only to ensure the rational use of equipment, but also to determine the safety of industrial production. The determination of the installation scheme of cone crusher also needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the working process of the equipment, and the operator needs to read the operation manual of cone crusher strictly to carry out a more scientific and reasonable installation. Then, through the understanding of the working principle of cone crusher, let's see how to reasonably install the equipment and follow the safety operation rules.

Below, we have a comprehensive understanding of the structural characteristics of the cone crusher. Through the working principle of the cone crusher, we can understand how to determine the scientific installation plan of the cone crusher: first, the structure is more compact and the production efficiency is high. The bowl bearing used in the cone crusher no longer uses the lubrication system, but designs a higher equipment precision storage. On the other hand, for the sealing method of the machine, through the grease sealing, it can well prevent the phenomenon of water and oil mixing caused by improper operation. When the equipment is worn, it can also be properly supplemented by the spring provided by itself to ensure the sealing function. When the seal wear is about 1 / 4-1 / 3 of the original thickness, it is necessary to replace the seal. Through the understanding of the principle and structure of the equipment, it is not difficult to see how to determine the safety operation regulations of the cone crusher.

So, specifically, how to install the cone crusher and how to install it correctly? The professional pointed out that the general cone crusher safety operating procedures have stipulated the installation before use. For the purchased cone crusher, the reasonable installation is to ensure its normal use: first of all, the cone crusher needs to be installed on a solid reinforced concrete foundation, and the depth of the foundation depends on the local geological conditions. Cover the guard board on the upper part of the foundation to avoid damage to the foundation. In order to avoid ore accumulation after crushing, there must be enough space under the foundation to install transportation equipment. The second is to count the number of parts before installation. Check the damage caused by the parts during handling, remove the protective coating applied on the processing surface, dust and dirt falling during handling, etc. Then, dry oil shall be applied on the fixed contact surface and thin oil shall be applied on the movable surface during installation.

At the same time, it should be noted that the verticality and levelness of the equipment should be strictly controlled in the installation of the rack. For installation problems, please read the operation manual of cone crusher to determine a more scientific installation plan. In addition, no matter the installation or use of the equipment, there are many problems to pay attention to. If you have any questions about the cone crusher, you are welcome to consult.


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