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How To Operate Py Series Cone Crusher To Reduce Failure Rate

Last Update:2020-05-08 16:04:46

PYF series cone crusher is a kind of commonly used crushing equipment in the current production. Compared with the traditional crushing equipment, this kind of equipment has great production advantages and greatly improves the overall production efficiency. When the cone crusher is running, the crushed materials should be reasonably selected, and the matching crushing equipment should be selected according to the actual production demand. In the process of production, users often have all kinds of faults of ydoo, so how can we reduce the fault rate of PYB2200 cone crusher?

After purchasing PYF series cone crusher, the first thing to do is test run. In the process of test run, the operator needs to check whether there is abnormal shaking in the cone broken cylinder in time. Generally, the very large shaking range is required to be less than 0.5mm. The overall noise of PYB2200 cone crusher should also be controlled within a certain range when it is running. In fact, anti noise equipment can be added to solve this problem.

PYF series cone crusher mainly throws materials into the crushing chamber evenly through the material tray when feeding, and the amount of each feeding cannot be too much, the general requirement is to be lower than the height of the rolling mortar wall. At the same time, in the process of production, we should also pay attention to the size of the feed, and make sure it is accurate, otherwise it may cause the PY cone to be damaged, and finally its output will be greatly affected, even the equipment will be completely damaged.

During the operation of Py cone breaking, what needs to be done is to ensure that the operating load is within the range required by the system and cannot exceed this range. If the load of the equipment is greatly increased without attention, it may cause safety production accidents. When the materials are crushed, the correct operation is to stop feeding first, and then cut off the power completely after crushing the remaining materials in the crushing chamber of PYF series cone crusher, so as to ensure the safety of production and save materials at the same time.

The operation efficiency of PYF series cone crusher is very high, but in the actual production process, due to various reasons, there are many failures in the equipment. Therefore, it is required that all operators should be familiar with the basic operation principle and some basic maintenance matters of PYB2200 cone crusher, and report and solve the problems in time after finding the faults, so as to recover the normal production of cone crusher as soon as possible.


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