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How To Maintain The Production Line Of Multistage Crushing And Screening Equipment Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-14 02:17:42

As we all know, the crushing and screening equipment is a commonly used crushing equipment in the current production. This kind of equipment not only has the advantages of simple operation, high operation efficiency, but also can greatly save the time required for production, and has become a more popular crushing equipment. Many users often encounter some accidents in production, which is mainly caused by improper operation or maintenance. Now let's look at the maintenance of the crushing and screening machine.

Before the official operation of the crushing and screening machine, first check whether there are other problems in the equipment configuration, and whether it is normal. Especially some vulnerable parts need to be checked carefully. If any problems are found, they should be solved in time. Then carry out the no-load test, and make all preparations before the crushing and screening equipment can enter into normal operation. If there is noise or harsh sound during the formal operation of the equipment, it must be stopped immediately and checked, and the equipment can not be operated until the problem is solved.

In the process of feeding the crushing and screening equipment, there are many matters needing attention. Users need to pay attention to the selection of materials, especially the materials with high hardness, high humidity and high sand content, which are not easy to be broken, easy to adhere to the crusher and block the equipment, so users need to strictly control the materials, and the selected materials must be within the range of materials that can be broken by the multi-stage crushing and screening production line. In addition, users choose high-efficiency crushing equipment with high power to prevent safety accidents due to the inconsistency between equipment type and material properties.

Finally, when feeding, the user must ensure the uniform feeding speed, and pay attention not to single side feeding or excessive feeding into the crushing chamber of the crushing and screening equipment, otherwise, the single side force of the equipment will be too large or the equipment will be shut down due to complete blockage. In general, the bearing Wen Sheng and humidity of the crushing and screening machine are excellent within the range of 35 ℃ and 70 ℃, which can not exceed the standard. If there is any phenomenon of exceeding the standard, the machine must be stopped and checked in time, and the machine can be started again after troubleshooting.

As one of the more commonly used crushing equipment, the crushing and screening machine adds luster to the modern production and makes its own strength. For the normal maintenance of the device, the above has been described in detail. I hope that users and friends can take it as one thing. In the actual production, strictly follow the correct operation steps to operate the crushing and screening equipment, but also to do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.


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