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How To Maintain The Mechanical Equipment In The Gravel Plant

Last Update:2020-05-04 23:44:02

In general, the working environment of the equipment in the gravel plant is relatively poor, so it is necessary to strengthen and optimize the organization, and master the necessary maintenance knowledge, so as to improve the production efficiency and stability of the equipment. Jaw crusher is a common crushing equipment in the gravel plant, and the jaw plate is the core part of the equipment, so the design and maintenance work needs to be done well. The following is a detailed introduction.

As a kind of equipment in gravel plant, the working chamber of jaw crusher is mainly composed of moving jaw and fixed jaw. The broken particles and friction force that it bears in the work are relatively serious and easy to be damaged. In order to protect the jaw plate, some gravel plants have installed wear-resistant lining plates. In order to completely prevent the wear of the jaw plate and extend its service life, the design, material selection and maintenance can be considered.

In the design process of the jaw plate of the equipment in the gravel plant, it is ensured that the broken plates of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw are in the state of tooth peak to tooth Valley, so that when crushing materials, there are both extrusion pressure and bending, the effect of crushing materials is improved. The crushing plates of small and medium-sized crushers are designed in the form of upper and lower symmetry, and the crushing plates of large-scale crushing plants are made into several pieces symmetrical to each other. Even if the crushing plates are worn, they can be exchanged to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The service life of the jaw plate needs not only reasonable design but also regular maintenance. When assembling the equipment of the gravel plant, ensure that the crushing plate is close to the jaw plate, and use soft metal pad between the crushing plate and the jaw plate, and fasten with bolts at the same time. When the machinery of the gravel plant is working, it is necessary to ensure that the broken plate will not be loose. Once it is loose, it must be solved in time; otherwise, the broken or worn plate will be measured to shorten the service life of the broken plate. Therefore, when assembling the machinery of the gravel plant, it is necessary to install the crushing plate to ensure the working life of the crushing plate.

The above is the introduction about the design and maintenance of the mechanical jaw plate of the gravel plant, hoping to help you. The design of Ebon is not perfect at one time. Both users and production entrepreneurs must cooperate with each other. We believe that after repeated improvement, Ebon equipment of gravel plant will be more and more perfect, and the profits to entrepreneurs will be higher and higher. Finally, warm reminder to the users: we must do a good job in the daily production of the maintenance work, which is also the basic factor to improve the productivity of entrepreneurs.


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