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How To Maintain The Kaolin Mill Under Strong Pressure

Last Update:2020-05-06 07:57:05

As an important equipment in the grinding equipment, kaolin mill often appears the phenomenon of overload and overwork in the production and processing, which will have a serious impact on its service life and production efficiency. The work of the kaolin mill under strong pressure will cause great damage to it. The wear caused by the accessories of the kaolin mill under high-strength work is also called bite wear. When the pressure is large, the protruding part of the kaolin mill will easily appear serious plastic deformation, so the original oxide film on the surface of the accessories will also be damaged. So how to maintain the kaolin mill under this pressure? First of all, after a long-term operation of the kaolin mill, the temperature of the equipment is bound to rise, and when the temperature of each metal material increases, its own activity will increase, plus the oxide film is destroyed, so the possibility of chemical reaction and physical deformation will increase, and the stability of the equipment will also be weakened. In addition, the kaolin mill under strong pressure may also have plastic deformation. Once the equipment deforms, it will affect its normal work, and the production will not be carried out smoothly. Under the action of its pressure, the accessories of the equipment will fracture, stress brittle fracture and other phenomena, and the accessories can not be completely repaired regardless of whether they are deformed or fractured, so it will lose its original work Performance. Generally speaking, the working efficiency and performance of the equipment will be affected when the kaolin mill is in the state of overwork. It is very important to maintain the equipment properly. It can not only improve the production efficiency of the equipment, but also effectively extend its service life. No matter how good the quality of the equipment is, there will be strikes if the work is not stopped. Therefore, the adjustment of the work rest of the mining equipment, such as the kaolin mill, cannot be ignored. The user should plan the work schedule in advance to ensure that the equipment can work stably and orderly.


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