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How To Maintain The Impact Type Macadam Unit In Shandong Macadam Works

Last Update:2020-05-08 04:32:07

Front row: before starting the impact crusher unit every time, the operator needs to check whether all the bolts are tightened in a normal state. If loose bolts are found, they should be tightened in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. As we all know, the working time of the crushing plant is relatively long, and the operators are excellent to comprehensively check the motor and lubrication of the crushing plant every week, find out the problems and solve them in time, so as to avoid them turning into big problems.

Second: Shandong impact crusher manufacturer reminds you: when the plate hammer reaches a certain limit, it needs to be replaced with a new one. The user shall select the plate hammer from the original manufacturer. In addition, when replacing or assembling the plate hammer, the balance of the rotor of the impact crusher unit must be ensured. If the rotor is unbalanced, it will cause serious consequences to the production.

Fourth: after working for eight hours in the impact crusher unit, the operator of the impact crusher adds lubricating oil to the bearing and renews the lubricating oil every three months. The selection of lubricating oil is very particular, and the operator must pay attention to it. In general, Shandong impact crusher manufacturers recommend that you use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearings before renewing the lubricating oil, so as to ensure that the oil change is clean. In addition, the operator also needs to pay attention to the fact that the lubricating oil can not be added too much at one time, and the amount of oil added is superior to one-half of the volume of the mailbox.

In a word, the maintenance work of the impact crusher is just the above points. As long as the operators do well in their daily work and pay attention to their maintenance work, they can guarantee the long-term and stable operation of the impact crusher. Finally, warm reminder to the majority of users: regularly do a good job in the maintenance of the impact crusher, but also effectively improve its production efficiency, extend its service life, so we suggest that we must do a good job in the maintenance of the impact crusher.


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