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How To Maintain The Equipment Of Zunhua Stone Crusher To Reduce The Failure

Last Update:2020-05-01 18:11:35

In the working process of Zunhua crusher, due to the influence of many factors such as working environment and human operation, it is easy to cause various failures of the equipment. But once the fault is not solved in time, it will bring great impact on normal production, even lead to personal safety accidents, which will greatly reduce the service life of the equipment. So how to maintain Zunhua crushing equipment to reduce the occurrence of failures?

In the production of Zunhua stone crusher, many users will react that the temperature of the main bearing is too high, which is generally caused by the factors of grease and bearing. If the amount of lubricating grease is insufficient, add lubricating grease in time; if the lubricating grease is polluted, replace the new lubricating grease in time; if the bearing of Zunhua crushing equipment is damaged, repair or replace it in time to ensure the normal production.

In production, it is possible to encounter the phenomenon that the discharge size of Zunhua crusher is too large, which is mainly caused by the crushing teeth. If the broken teeth have serious excessive wear, they need to be replaced or repaired in time; if the edge teeth of Zunhua crushing equipment have different degrees of wear or fall off, they also need to be replaced in time.

Once the processing capacity of Zunhua stone crusher is reduced or the power supply of the equipment is insufficient in production, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection in a timely manner. Once the hydraulic coupling is found to be leaking, it is necessary to supplement or replace it with a new one in a timely manner; if the material supply of Zunhua crusher is uneven, it is necessary to adjust it in a timely manner.


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