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How To Maintain The Coal Crusher Produced By Anshan Crusher Factory Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-08 22:24:40

Anshan is a relatively early industrial development area, Anshan crusher is also well-known, but no matter how good the crusher is, if it is overloaded and does not give daily maintenance, then the crusher will lose its original value. Just like a man with a good physique, he will be sick and have no energy and vitality after a long period of malnutrition. Daily maintenance of crusher should be based on the basic principle of "good cleaning, accurate adjustment, firm fastening, good lubrication and strict anti-corrosion". Do a good job in regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. Strictly follow the operation procedures of the crusher during the production and operation of the crusher. I believe that the production efficiency of the crusher can be stable and the use time can be extended. Next, Anshan crusher manufacturer will explain how to maintain.

Anshan coal crusher in the maintenance, because it should start from a complete set of equipment operation process for inspection. First of all, start and stop the crusher. In this process, it is not only to see whether the equipment is worn or noisy, but also to do a comprehensive cleaning and overall inspection of the operation platform, especially for some vulnerable parts and links in the equipment, and to check the cooling liquid and lubricant of the Anshan crusher equipment. It is also necessary to pay attention to combustion Whether the oil quantity and instrument indication are normal. These inspections are routine inspections, and the frequency of inspection will be relatively high. Therefore, after doing this series of inspections, relevant data records shall be made for the equipment, so as to make a better inspection next time.

The maintenance of the crusher needs to adhere to the spirit. The inspection of fishing for three days and drying the net for two days or randomly looking around is not the inspection at all, but the completion of the work. If the routine maintenance is not done well, resulting in wear between the parts of Anshan crusher, or the connection of crusher is blocked, the crusher equipment will be loose, which will affect the normal operation of the crusher and the production efficiency of the equipment. So we must do a comprehensive cleaning, for some areas with material residues or clean dead corners, we need to always clean. It is necessary to fasten some key parts, adjust the fine parts timely and reasonably, and replace or add lubricating oil between equipment. It's very beneficial to do this from both operators and enterprises.


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