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How To Maintain The Blower Of Kaolin Mill Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-07 09:16:20

As an important part of the kaolin mill, whether the blower works normally or not is directly related to the working efficiency and product quality of the mill. In the grinding production, the maintenance of the blower is easy to be ignored by many users, which may affect the normal grinding effect for a long time, and even cause certain harm to the equipment itself. Now let's share the precautions for the maintenance of the air blower of the kaolin mill. 1. Before the production of kaolin mill, first of all, check the fastening of each part and whether the locating pin of the blower is loose. Secondly, check whether there is water leakage and oil leakage in the blower. Here, check carefully to avoid that the grinding operation cannot be carried out normally due to negligence. 2. In addition, when the kaolin mill is working, in order to ensure the smooth operation of grinding, it is necessary to remember that there is no rust, falling off, dirt, etc. in the blower. Also pay attention to observe whether the cooling condition of lubricating oil is normal, whether it is lack, etc. During the operation of the equipment, attention shall also be paid to whether there is noise during the operation of the blower and whether the working condition of the motor is normal. 3. In order to prevent the overload operation of the blower of the kaolin mill, we should always pay attention to the increasing trend of the pressure of the air inlet and exhaust of the mill, the temperature of the bearing and the current of the motor, so as to judge whether the kaolin mill is in normal working state. As a part of kaolin mill, blower plays an important role in the production of kaolin mill. Therefore, in the grinding production, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the kaolin mill blower, to ensure that the grinding operation can be carried out smoothly and safely.


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