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How To Maintain Normal Operation Of Sand Production Line In Rainy Season

Last Update:2020-05-13 11:50:16

In continuous rainy days, the air humidity will be relatively high, and the stone materials will stay between the hopper or chute under the influence of humidity, resulting in material blocking. If it is not handled in time, the belt may be scratched, and the distribution of fineness of ingredients at all levels is uneven, which will affect the quality; if the equipment itself is damped, the belt conveyor will run off and slip, which will easily scratch the rubber of the blocking materials when the belt is running; the screening difficulty of the finished materials will increase, and the screening rate of the sand and stone materials will be very low, causing serious blocking of the screen holes; the construction water in the rainy season is also easy to be mixed in To remove sediment, leaves and other debris, easy to plug the water pipe, dredge high frequency, but also time-consuming and laborious.

In order to maintain the normal operation of the sand and stone production line and problems that may occur in rainy seasons, it is necessary to monitor and deal with them according to the specific construction site. The adjustment and maintenance work after production is essential. The cleaning of the site should be done in place. The rust of the crusher and the locking of the bearing should be dealt with in time. It is also necessary to carefully check whether the equipment parts are lost. Besides, the weather has a great impact on the site of the production workshop, Operators, machines, material quality, etc. will be affected by different degrees of external factors, so the protection work must be done carefully in rainy days.


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