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How To Maintain And Use The Equipment Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-13 00:19:02

For many users, after buying the stone crusher, they may feel that everything is going well. In fact, the equipment here is important, but not to neglect the correct operation and daily maintenance. Once the operation method is wrong or the maintenance is not in place, it will bring great harm to the equipment and seriously reduce the service life of the equipment. So for the crusher, how to achieve reasonable maintenance and use?

First of all, when in use, only after the normal operation of the crushed stone machine can it be put into production. If any noise or equipment abnormality is found, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection in time, so as to avoid production failure and casualties. During the feeding, it is necessary to ensure that it is evenly added into the crushing chamber, and at this time, it is necessary to avoid unilateral feeding to prevent excessive unilateral load. Under normal working conditions, the temperature of the bearing of the crusher shall not exceed 70 ℃. If it exceeds 70 ℃, the crusher shall be shut down in time to find out the cause.

When the production is completed, the machine needs to be shut down, but the first thing to do is to stop feeding the crushing stone machinery, and then the motor of the equipment can be shut down and the power supply can be cut off after the materials inside the crushing chamber are completely emptied. In the process of production, once the equipment is blocked due to the excessive accumulation of materials in the crushing chamber, the motor shall be shut down in time. After all materials are discharged, the machine can be started again for feeding to prevent the crushing machine from being blocked seriously.

The manufacturer of crushing stone equipment said that some basic matters should also be paid attention to when maintaining the equipment. First of all, before the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether all vulnerable parts are seriously damaged, and if any fault is found, it is necessary to remove it in time. The internal connection of the equipment shall be inspected comprehensively, and screws shall be tightened in time in case of looseness. In addition, the lubricating oil of the crushing stone machine should be checked and added in time to ensure the normal lubricating oil, so as to reduce the wear of the bearing.

The above is the precautions for reasonable maintenance and use of the equipment introduced by the crushing stone equipment manufacturer. I believe you have a deep understanding of this. In addition, all operators shall be reminded that there is no small matter in safety. During the operation, they must strengthen the vigilance, check whether the operation of the broken stone machine is in good condition at any time, and inform the maintenance personnel for maintenance in time in case of any fault, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the production line.


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