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How To Judge The Thickness Of High And Fine Milling Machine

Last Update:2020-05-10 00:32:59

High fineness grinding machine is a kind of special mechanical equipment for grinding high fineness powder. However, as a mechanical equipment, after a period of use, the ground powder is not as fine as before, but has become thicker. What's the reason? Next, I will make a detailed analysis for you. First of all, we should consider whether the grinding roller and ring of the high-precision grinding machine are worn, and whether they are worn seriously, because when they are worn seriously, the gap will pass, so as to greatly reduce the efficiency of grinding materials, thus affecting the grinding fineness of materials. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the damper is loose and whether there is vibration in the operation of the equipment. When there is vibration, it will open or close the damper, which will seriously affect the fineness of the equipment grinding. The blade in the working cavity of the main machine of the high fine grinding machine should be checked carefully to see if it is in good condition. If it is worn seriously, it will make the blade unable to shovel up the material, thus greatly reducing the grinding efficiency. Therefore, we should often check whether the equipment has wear and failure, and regularly check the bolt condition of the equipment. For the parts that need to be refueled, we should refuel in time, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of the equipment, so as to meet the needs of grinding you need. Only by doing regular inspection and reducing the maintenance of the equipment, can the service life of the high fine grinding machine be effectively prolonged.


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