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How To Install The Pe500x750 Jaw Crusher Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-09 07:05:16

Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing machine widely used at present. As a common equipment in the field of mining, metallurgy, building materials and infrastructure, its basic technical equipment is also very important. In fact, the technical focus of pe500x750 jawbone is on the movable jaw, and the workload is generally at this position during installation. Correct installation can ensure the long-term and continuous operation of the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment. Let's see how the 500 * 750 jaw crusher is installed correctly.

When installing the jaw crusher 500 * 750, the first thing to do is to install the joint surface strictly according to the position specified in the design, and at the same time, pay attention to the allocation of locating pins. At the same time, the contact surface should be tight. Once the bolt at the contact point is not tightened, it needs to be checked with corresponding tools. Generally, it needs to check with a 0.10 mm feeler gauge to ensure that the jaw gap length of pe500x750 is less than 100 mm, so that the equipment can be stable without vibration and abnormal sound during production.

The installation of pe500x750 jawbone is a relatively meticulous work. For the installation personnel, the pre tightening force of the connecting bolt of the frame body must meet the requirements of the relevant design during the installation process. When tightening, it should be carried out in order to give a balanced force. In addition, the longitudinal installation level of jaw crusher 500 * 750 is generally less than 0.50/1000 The horizontal installation level shall be less than 0.20/1000 , the measurement needs to be carried out on the spindle and the bearing split.

There are many parts on the base of jaw crusher 500 * 750, which need to be leveled and tightened with foundation bolts before installation. If the T-head anchor bolt is used for pe500x750 jaw fracture, the basic specifications of the bolt shall match the design requirements. At the same time, the contact between the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad of the equipment shall be kept even, and the contact between the bearing surface and the jaw plate shall be even, so that the equipment can run more stably.

For pe500x750 jawbone, in order to ensure its ideal production efficiency, it is necessary to be correct during installation to ensure that it is safe. It is recommended that all installation personnel, equipment installation is not a trivial matter. Production failures and production accidents caused by installation errors are everywhere. During installation, it is necessary to strictly follow the installation requirements of jaw crusher 500 * 750, and do not neglect any point carefully, which is an excellent guarantee for users.


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