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How To Install And Produce Different Types Of Domestic Crushers Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-03 03:38:31

Now it is rare for social machinery and equipment to replace human labor. In terms of crusher, crusher has been widely used in various industries and plays an irreplaceable role in production. But the domestic crusher has a wide range of models. Many people don't know the working principle and basic installation skills of the domestic crusher very well. However, whether the crusher is installed in a standard way may directly affect the normal operation of the equipment. Next, I will tell you how to correctly install different crusher models.

Because there are many domestic crusher manufacturers, and the technical and technical parameters used are different, the basic point in the installation process is to check the quantity of each part of the equipment first, and check whether the machining surface and thread of each part are worn. Before installation, remove the protective coating applied on the surface of the crusher in transportation and the equipment in transportation Dust and sundries generated during transportation. According to the different models of domestic crushers, when installing the crusher, apply a layer of dry oil on the surface of the equipment, and apply the corresponding lubricating oil between the parts. In order to ensure that the equipment is carried out in sequence during operation and reduce the wear during operation.

The domestic crusher has various models. The installation process should not only be carried out according to the specified sequence and operation guide, but also be determined according to the specific production environment and situation of the crusher. Many users did not consider the operation environment when installing the crusher, resulting in the accumulation of ore after production, so when installing the crusher and designing the working environment, they should leave enough space for the production of the crusher. I didn't design it well at the beginning. I didn't find anything wrong until I put it into production. It must be a delay in production.

In addition, the electrical operation and lubrication system during the installation of crusher is also a very important point in the installation process. The other is the serious levelness and verticality of the equipment, which is tested by the original plane hanging horizontal hammer method. The domestic very large crusher manufacturer said: the variety of crusher models results in the diversity of installation, but generally the crushers purchased from regular manufacturers are installed by special operators, so users can be assured, but also need to understand the installation process of the crusher, in order to meet the unexpected needs.


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