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How To Install And Maintain The New Jaw Crusher Scientifically And Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-04 14:12:26

Jawbone, a common equipment in modern industrial production, has become a new favorite of modern industry and infrastructure construction because it can well process superfine stone materials. For jaw crusher, there are many types of industrial production demand according to different industries, such as fine jaw crusher, new jaw crusher, hydraulic jaw crusher, etc,

We will not introduce them here. However, for the wide application of jaw crusher, many customers have such problems. Unscientific installation leads to the equipment can not be used normally, and repeated maintenance leads to the stagnation of industrial production, which has become a universal problem. Then, we will introduce the installation and simple maintenance of jaw crusher as follows:

First of all, the professional pointed out that the correct operation of the new jaw crusher is one of the important factors to ensure the normal operation of the crusher. Improper operation or negligence in the operation process is often the important reason for the formation of equipment and personal accidents. The correct operation is to strictly follow the operation procedures. Before starting the fine jaw crusher and other equipment, it is necessary to check the crusher carefully before starting the crusher. The contents include: wear of the crusher's tooth plate, adjust the ore discharge scale, check whether there is ore in the crushing chamber, and take out the large ore if necessary. Whether the connecting screw is loose, whether the pulley flywheel maintenance cover is intact, whether the tension degree of V-belt and tension spring is appropriate, whether the smooth system is intact, whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal, etc.

Secondly, special attention should be paid to that it is necessary to start the fine jaw crusher without load, and open the ore feeding equipment to feed ore after the running is normal, and it should be added gradually until the full load is stopped. The last aspect is that for the new jaw crusher commonly used by us, the ore shall be fed evenly, the ore shall not be filled with the crushing chamber, and the very large scale of ore feeding shall not be greater than 0.85 times of the feeding width. When feeding the ore together, it is necessary to prevent the non broken materials such as iron from the mine from entering the crusher. Once it is found that these non crushing materials pass through the ore discharge, the belt conveying post shall be informed immediately, and the non crushing materials shall be taken out in time to avoid serious equipment accidents in the next crusher. In the operation process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the blocking and feeding of large ore. sometimes, when the iron hook is used for turning over and taking out, special things are used instead of using hands to avoid accidents.


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