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How To Install And Maintain Shanghai Impact Breaker In Coal Crushing Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-03 13:14:47

In order to be more effective and in line with the production of customers and the continuous progress of industry technology, the production and research of Shanghai counterattack hammer manufacturers are constantly improving and developing, and for the continuous development of knowledge, to improve the family planning information of enterprises in the progress of enterprise industry In order to fully develop the technology, counter crusher plate hammer, the technology will be improved, the development of the industry, the progress of knowledge, and the development of knowledge in promoting the construction of science and technology.

All the equipment is not perfect. Shanghai counter attack plate hammer is not perfect. We need to improve it. In recent years, Shanghai impact breaker has not only upgraded the impact breaker plate hammer, but also guided the rational use to extend the service life of the equipment. The deficiency of counter crusher plate hammer only has its own life. Each product has its own life. If the life is not perfect, it will become an obstacle. Therefore, in the period of technological development, the industry construction and development are constantly making progress. In the design and production of the plate hammer of the impact crusher, we can see the technical value of the machine itself, and the material structure of the machine itself is also an important development affecting the service life, so the industry requires further development and improvement of equipment parts. It needs to be pointed out that Shanghai counter blow hammer is the key to realize the transformation of coal energy at this stage, which requires higher parts of equipment.

First of all, for the introduction of equipment installation, reasonable installation will make the equipment more efficient. The manufacturer of Shanghai impact breaker pointed out that the installation of Shanghai impact breaker frame is a very basic work. If we ignore this point, it may cause trouble to the subsequent production process of the equipment. Here we emphasize the details that need to be paid attention to during the installation of the plate hammer frame of the impact crusher. The main purpose is to help you better use the plate hammer of the impact crusher for efficient production. In order to reduce the vibration and noise of the equipment, when we fix the plate hammer of the impact crusher, we need to put a layer of buffer between the frame and the concrete, such as hardwood, rubber belt or other elastic materials. The transverse levelness of the frame of impact crusher plate hammer installed on the concrete foundation shall not be greater than 0.2mm ; longitudinal levelness, not more than per meter 0.4mm 。 When the bolts of the combined frame are not tightened, the local clearance shall not be greater than 0.7mm 。 The horizontal and longitudinal levelness of the frame installed on the foundation or on the wooden base must meet the requirements, and the lining between the bottom angle of the frame and the foundation needs to be flat, uniform and stable. I hope the above introduction will help you.


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