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How To Inspect The Vertical Shaft Hammer Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-11 13:04:56

Any type of crusher needs to be inspected and tested before work to ensure the safety of equipment use. According to the principle of vertical shaft hammer crusher, we carry out a comprehensive test on the vertical shaft hammer crusher commonly used at this stage. At the same time, we also take this opportunity to introduce how to test the relative crusher equipment such as the vertical shaft hammer crusher scientifically?

First of all, for the detection of vertical shaft hammer crusher, the general measuring tools should be used to measure the geometric dimensions of the crusher. The appearance quality shall be measured by means of sample comparison or visual inspection. Before idling, manual turning shall be flexible without jamming. The noise shall be measured in accordance with the provisions of GB / T 3768 "acoustic pressure method for the determination of sound power level of noise sources - simple method of envelope measurement surface above the reflecting surface", and shall conform to the principle of vertical shaft hammer crusher. The bearing temperature shall be measured in the oil filling hole every 20min until the temperature is stable and meets the requirements. Vibration shall be measured by vibration meter and meet the requirements.

For the application of vertical shaft hammer crusher and other crushers, the specific inspection includes the following aspects: delivery inspection: each vertical shaft hammer crusher can be delivered only after passing the inspection by the inspection department according to the delivery inspection items, and shall be attached with the product qualification certificate. Type inspection: type inspection shall be carried out in case of any of the following conditions: trial production, finalization and identification of new products; major changes in structure, materials or process after formal production that may affect product performance; type inspection requirements proposed by the national quality supervision agency; old products transferred to another factory or re produced after long-term shutdown. Type inspection items shall include all requirements of JB / T 10520-2005. Sample sampling shall be carried out by taking one of the qualified warehousing products for inspection. If it is not qualified in the inspection, double sampling shall be carried out for re inspection. If it is qualified in the re inspection, the batch is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified. The crusher shall be provided with a signboard fixed at an obvious position. The type and size of the signboard shall meet the requirements of GB / t13306. The contents of the signboard include: product model and name; main technical parameters; manufacturer name; factory number; factory date. At the same time, it is particularly pointed out that the prices of vertical shaft hammer crushers of large manufacturers are relatively reasonable, customers should consider more, not simply pursue the cheap, resulting in the equipment can not be used.


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