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How To Improve The Service Time Of The Bearing Of High Fineness Mill

Last Update:2020-05-05 17:49:12

As an essential part of the grinding equipment in the mine, the bearing mainly plays the role of connection. Of course, the high-precision grinding machine is also indispensable. Only by protecting the bearing, the service time of the equipment can be effectively improved. For the bearing, the fault that is easy to occur in the grinding production is wear, and the wear of the bearing will greatly reduce the service life of the equipment; and the bearing It is troublesome to replace the bearing, which will affect the normal production operation. So how to prolong the service life of the bearing of the high fine grinding machine? 1. After the installation of the newly purchased high fine grinding machine, it needs a running in period. Therefore, it should be installed carefully to ensure the stability of installation and avoid touching other things, so as to affect the performance of the equipment. More attention should be paid to the newly replaced bearing. If you want to put the bearing into the pipe sleeve, you can't use the hammer to smash it hard, which will easily damage the shaft, And striking hard is easy to deform the bearing, which will not only reduce rolling performance, but also increase friction. 2. In the production of high-precision grinding machine, if only pay attention to the processing capacity of the equipment, but not to the maintenance of the equipment, then after long-term wear, the lubricating grease in the bearing will be exhausted, at this time, it is necessary to add lubricating oil in time to reduce wear. In addition, the model of lubricating oil must be selected correctly. When adding lubricating oil, it is not only necessary to apply it to the bearing. At this time, you can ask the manufacturer for help and use the correct way to replace the lubricating oil. 3. Dust will also affect the performance of the bearing. When the high-precision pulverizer is working, when the material is crushed, the powder will lift up, some powder will enter the bearing, and then the oil will form once over time. If it is not cleaned in time, it will inevitably lead to bearing wear. Therefore, we should clean the bearing regularly and enhance the sealing of the bearing.


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