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How To Improve The Quality Of Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-09 18:09:16

As a common equipment in the grinding industry, superfine grinding machine is favored and recognized by the majority of users because of its wide range of use, performance and advantages. With the rapid development of the grinding industry, the market demand is constantly upgrading and changing. We need to strengthen the quality of superfine grinding machine, so which aspects should be improved? Now let's make a simple analysis for you. First of all, we should start with the improvement of the base of the superfine grinding machine to solve the safety problems of the equipment in operation. For the base, we generally use steel castings, and improve the central axis and the plum blossom frame, so as to avoid the vibration of the superfine grinding machine. Secondly, as an accessory to distribute the air in the air duct to each burner, we can thicken the wall of the air box, reduce the diameter of the air passing through, and equip with damping pads, which can make the air box safer and have the effect of shockproof. Third, as the accessories for fixing various equipment and equipment bases, the foundation bolts of the main machine of the pulverizer can be replaced by the replaceable foundation structure. In addition, the ultra-fine grinding machine is equipped with sliding bearing, which can not only enhance the strength of roller and shaft sleeve, but also reduce the wear of accessories. Then, in the production of superfine grinding machine, the vibration will reduce the safety index of the equipment in operation and accelerate the wear of accessories. Generally, the vibration isolation structure is adopted. The cover tube and classifier are installed on the frame and supported on the foundation, and the components that are easy to produce vibration of the ultra-fine grinder are isolated, so as to ensure the service life of the equipment can be extended to a certain extent.


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