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How To Improve The Productivity Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-05 00:50:24

Kaolin mill is a kind of mechanical equipment suitable for grinding and processing of various ore materials. The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, wear resistance and long service life. The quality of the equipment of kaolin mill directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the mill line. No matter what equipment is used for a period of time, there will be a decline in production capacity. Of course, the same is true for quartz grinder. What causes this? How can we effectively improve the capacity of the equipment? The following small series to tell you about how to improve the mill capacity. 1. Quality of grinding roller: as a vulnerable part of kaolin mill, the grinding roller mainly passes the rolling of grinding ring of grinding roller to realize the grinding of materials. Therefore, the quality of grinding roller has a great influence on the productivity of products. 2. Properties of materials: when the humidity of the grinding materials is large, the materials are easy to adhere to the mill, which is easy to be blocked during the transportation process, resulting in the reduction of the grinding capacity; when the hardness of the grinding materials is large, it will increase the difficulty of grinding, and the equipment is easy to wear, and the grinding speed is too slow, so the production capacity is naturally there Less. 3. Fineness of finished product: Generally speaking, the higher the fineness of grinding powder, the lower the production efficiency is, so the output of kaolin mill will naturally decrease. After a long-term use of kaolin mill, it is a headache to reduce the capacity of the equipment, so how to improve the capacity of the equipment? Here are some suggestions for you: 1. The vulnerable parts of the quartz sand grinder should be inspected regularly, and attention should be paid to maintenance in daily use, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, the working efficiency will be improved, and the output will naturally become higher. 2. When the quartz sand grinder grinds the large materials, the materials can be broken by the crusher first, and then the grinder can be used for grinding, so as to ensure that the wearing parts will not suffer more wear when the equipment is in use. 3. Ensure even feeding, so as to give full play to the grinding capacity of kaolin mill.


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