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How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Phosphate Rock Mill Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-11 10:31:01

What you bought is the same phosphate rock mill equipment. Why are their production capacity and efficiency generally higher than ours? In fact, it is a normal thing that the production efficiency of the same equipment is different. In fact, the internal reason is very simple. Some precautions that can improve the production efficiency of the equipment have been done by others, but you have not done them. The natural production efficiency is not as high as ours Other people's equipment. 1. Moisture content of material. If the humidity of the material is too high, the fine powder will be easily adhered in the grinding and pulverizing process of the phosphate ore mill, even on the equipment parts, which will reduce the production efficiency of the phosphate ore mill. In the transmission process of the finished material, the equipment at the circulation air duct, analyzer and discharge port will be blocked, and the output of the finished product will not meet the predetermined requirements. Therefore, properly reducing the moisture content of ore material in ore grinding chamber can also increase the working efficiency of phosphate rock mill. 2. Hardness of the material. When the hardness of the material increases, in order to fully grind the material, the grinding pressure generated by the grinding roller on the grinding ring will increase correspondingly, but at this time, the loss of the equipment will also increase, resulting in the reduction of the production capacity of the equipment and the lower the output of the finished product. 3. Current. With the increase of the current, the efficiency of the phosphorite mill will naturally increase. The tonnage of the grinding load can be roughly estimated, and then a higher power motor can be installed. It should be noted that the current should not exceed the rated power of the load, otherwise it will suffer a huge loss. 4. Quality of grinding roller and ring. Because the production principle of phosphate rock mill is to realize the fine powder production of materials by the rolling effect of grinding roller on grinding ring, the better the quality of grinding roller and grinding ring, the more sufficient the production effect on materials. If the grinding ring of grinding roller is severely worn after short-term use, the full grinding effect on materials cannot be achieved, the production efficiency is low, and the production capacity will be naturally reduced 。 To standardize the operation and pay attention to the above details can effectively improve the production efficiency of your phosphate rock mill equipment. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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