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How To Improve The Primary Crusher Technology Of Coal And Gypsum

Last Update:2020-05-10 22:14:11

Nowadays, although the high and new technology is constantly promoted, the relatively old primary coal crusher is still used in many mine crushing operations, which not only can not improve the production efficiency, but also poses a threat to the surrounding residential environment. Therefore, in order to promote the development of crusher industry and mine crushing operation, it is necessary to improve crushing technology. Then, how to improve the crusher technology of coal and gypsum? And listen to the following analysis.

The disadvantages of the traditional primary coal crusher mainly lie in: the crushing granularity of the finished product is not good, which can not meet the needs of different users; the automation level is not good, which can not keep up with the development of the times, and can not meet the needs of users; the auxiliary equipment is relatively old, slow response, low utilization rate and large consumption. As a result, the crusher industry in our country is not up to the progress of the times, staying at the previous crushing level. If the country wants to develop the crushing technology of coal crusher, it must be improved.

First of all, it is necessary to improve the shale shaker of primary coal crusher. Friends who are familiar with crushing operation all know that in crushing system, vibrating screen screening is a very important link. However, there are some problems in the vibrating screen of crushing equipment in many mining industries, which is one of the more important reasons why the traditional crusher can not meet the requirements. The general improvement measures include: increasing the vibration frequency; improving the feeding mode; improving the screen structure and materials, etc., so as to improve the production efficiency of the crushers for coal and gypsum.

Secondly, the crushing chamber of coal and gypsum crusher needs to be improved. Because the shape of the crushing chamber before affects the service life, product size and production capacity of the lining plate, so the crushing chamber technology is also one of the technical core of the crusher, which plays a very important role in the production efficiency of the crusher. The modern methods of improving the crushing chamber include: shortening the parallel area and extending the length of the crushing area; increasing the meshing angle area to four to avoid wear and improve the utilization rate of the crushing chamber of the primary coal crusher.

Only when we know the shortage of primary coal crusher before, can we improve it effectively and improve the production efficiency of crusher. For users, in addition to the selection of modern coal and gypsum crushers, more attention should be paid to the equipment in work, which is also an effective way to improve the production efficiency of crushers. I hope you can do it.


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