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How To Improve The Output Of Coal Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 15:57:59

With the development of China's coal industry, the market demand for coal is increasing. The previous manual mining can not meet the market demand, coal crusher has become an ideal choice for everyone, more and more coal industry put the increase of production in the top position. However, how to improve the output of coal crusher? Crusher experts help you.

1、 Pay attention to uniform production. Many users don't pay much attention to this, even don't know what is uniform production. The so-called uniform production is to maintain uniform speed when the coal crusher is feeding. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the uniformity of the feeding weight. Although this requirement can not achieve the goal perfectly, it requires the operators to try to improve it. If the user can achieve or close to uniform production, then it can greatly improve the output of coal crusher.

2、 Reduce the startup times of coal crusher. The more times the machine is turned on, the production per hour will drop. Before each start-up, the equipment needs to be checked. Like other crushers, the coal crusher needs to idle for a period of time before the official operation. During this period, no feeding is required. Only when the temperature of the equipment reaches normal and other indicators are normal can the material be formally put into operation. In this way, the normal operation of the equipment can be guaranteed. If problems are found in the equipment during the test run, they should be solved in time to prevent the equipment from running normally and then having problems, which will affect the production.

3、 Do a good job in the daily maintenance of coal crusher. Effective daily maintenance of equipment can reduce the number of equipment failures, extend the service life of equipment, save time and improve productivity and equipment utilization. Regular inspection to prevent major equipment failure, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. In daily use, it is necessary to regularly check whether the parts of the coal crusher are normal, whether the vulnerable parts are worn, whether the quality of the lubricating oil and whether the oil level is within the required range, etc., all of which need to be checked one by one by the user, never carelessly, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.


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