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How To Improve The Dust Removal Effect Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-10 11:58:06

For the dust removal equipment of kaolin mill, bag type dust remover is one of the most widely used. There are many advantages of this kind of dust remover, such as stable performance, high working efficiency, easier dust recycling, and certain advantages in price. Therefore, this is also the reason for many people to choose, but this kind of bag type dust remover is not omnipotent, for special Therefore, we should improve these, so that the kaolin mill can achieve green grinding production. The bag filter has a certain bearing range for the temperature. When the temperature exceeds the bearing range, the bag will be damaged, thus reducing the dust removal effect. Therefore, we can install a temperature display device in front of the collection device, so as to monitor the temperature in real time and avoid damage to the dust remover. But this method is only to alleviate and not to really solve. Therefore, the more practical method is to replace the material of the cloth bag, and use the dust bag made of the high temperature resistant material to fundamentally solve the problem, so as to ensure the dust removal effect of the dust removal device and extend its service life. In order to ensure the dedusting effect of the deduster, we also need to pay attention to the filtering wind speed of the dedusting cloth bag, which is also an important indicator of whether the bag type dedusting device is advanced or not. Different dust concentration should match the corresponding filtering wind speed. The particle size and humidity of dust will affect the difficulty of treatment, so the wind speed of filtration can be flexibly adjusted according to the composition of dust, which not only ensures the effect of dust removal, but also indirectly protects the work of dust bag. In addition to the above points, we need to pay close attention to the sealing, heat preservation and cleaning of the bag filter. Only when the dust removal work of the kaolin mill is done well, can the market share of the equipment be expanded.


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