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How To Improve Production Capacity Of Crusher In Liuzhou Mine

Last Update:2020-05-12 08:44:28

The development and progress of mining industry has driven the development of economy and mechanical equipment. Liuzhou mine crusher is a kind of crusher widely used. Some users will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using Liuzhou crusher, of course, each kind of crusher will have faults in the process of use, in which improving the production capacity of crusher is a more concerned problem for users. Especially after the crusher is used for a long time, the equipment starts to become old, and the output and the quality of the finished products cannot meet the requirements of the users. In fact, as long as we do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crusher, improving the production capacity of the crusher is not a problem.

There are different types of crushers produced by Liuzhou crusher factory, and the production efficiency of each crusher is also different. Next, we will introduce the commonly used measures to increase the output of impact crusher. First of all, in order to improve the output of impact crusher, we need to understand its working principle. The working principle of impact crusher is not complicated. When the crusher is running, it mainly transports materials to the feeder through conveyor belt. After screening, qualified materials are processed into finished products through crusher operation, and unqualified materials will be moved to the crusher for several times of breaking Crushing until the crushing requirements are met. Although the working principle of the crusher is not complicated, if we start from the principle in the production process, we believe that we will get twice the result with half the effort.

Crusher in the production process is mainly through the friction and impact of materials to achieve crushing, so Liuzhou crusher operation will certainly have vibration phenomenon. In order to increase the output of crusher, we can reduce the vibration of crusher equipment, reduce the impact of crusher operation on the surrounding environment and buildings, and effectively improve the overall production efficiency. For example, in the design of Liuzhou mine crusher equipment installed on the concrete to reduce the effect of equipment vibration. In addition, when installing the crusher, it is necessary to lay a layer of metal plate on the top of the ore discharge tank of the foundation to ensure a proper tilt angle. The purpose of this is to prevent the materials from going out after crushing, block the transmission channel and reduce the production efficiency of the crusher. In a word, all design and starting points should be based on production, quality and safety.


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