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How To Identify The Quality Of Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-12 18:34:35

At present, Datong crusher is widely used in the modern industry. Compared with other traditional crushing equipment, this new type of equipment has many crushing advantages, such as large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, high output, stable operation, simple operation, etc. it can be said that it is favored and welcomed by the majority of users at present. Below Datong crusher manufacturers to teach you how to identify the true and false equipment, in case of being deceived.

Driven by interests, at present, many manufacturers in the crusher Market are shoddy, constantly cheating consumers, so that many users are deceived and suffer heavy losses. In fact, although the basic structure of Datong crusher is almost the same, but the internal structure of real and fake equipment is quite different, as long as you carefully check it, you can generally see it. At the time of purchase, all users should pay attention to starting from the details and distinguish the authenticity of Datong crusher in time.

Generally speaking, the production technology of high-quality Datong crusher is compared. Its main shaft is fixed on the frame. When it works, its eccentric sleeve rotates around the main shaft continuously, so it can drive the moving cone to swing. If it is a sub Datong crusher, its main shaft and moving cone are generally integrated. When the equipment is running, it mainly drives the main shaft and moving cone to move at the same time through the eccentric sleeve, and the realization of this movement is mainly completed by changing the external insurance structure.

In fact, if the real and fake Datong crusher is carefully compared and analyzed, it can be completely distinguished. These two kinds of equipment have great differences in their performance and product forming when they are working, and the defective products often have various problems and faults in the production process, which will have a great impact on the normal production. Datong crusher manufacturers have many, all users in the purchase must pay attention to prevent buying fake products.

How to identify the crushing equipment quickly? The manufacturer of Datong crusher has introduced it in detail. I hope all users can pay attention to these methods to distinguish the authenticity. When purchasing Datong crusher, we start from these points and carry out the previous comparison and analysis. Only by doing these can we buy high-quality and low-cost crushing equipment, so as to prevent being cheated and bringing unnecessary losses.


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