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How To Extend The Service Life Of High Fineness Mill

Last Update:2020-05-08 13:26:30

In the production of high fineness grinding machine, with the extension of service time, the equipment will inevitably wear, which will cause the performance of high fineness grinding machine to decline gradually, which is also the reason for the service life of the equipment to decline gradually. In order to ensure the production effect of high fineness grinding machine, it is necessary to find ways to extend its service life. Let's make it up for you This paper introduces how to prolong the service life of the high fine grinding machine. First of all, let's understand the factors that affect the service life of high-precision pulverizer. Only by finding the reasons that affect its service life, we can solve this problem pertinently. Generally speaking, the reasons that affect its service life mainly include two aspects: first, the quality of its own high-precision pulverizer equipment is an important factor that affects its service life. Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the more Good equipment is less prone to failure in use, so its service life is longer, otherwise, its service life is shorter. 2、 The external factors mainly include the working environment, the model of the equipment and the situation of maintenance. Take the working environment as an example. If the high-precision pulverizer works in a bad environment for a long time, for example, after a long time of wind, sun, rain and rain, the service life of the equipment will naturally decline. Then, for the selection, we all know that there are many models of the pulverizer itself, and the materials processed by different models of the equipment are different, and the performance is also different If the selected model is not suitable, it will increase the difficulty in production, increase the wear of equipment, and naturally reduce the service life; maintenance is an important factor to reduce the damage of equipment. If the high-precision pulverizer is in use, the service life of the pulverizer can not be guaranteed. When we understand the factors that affect the service life of high-precision pulverizer, we will introduce how to extend its service life, mainly in three aspects: 1. In selecting high-precision pulverizer, we should not be greedy for small and cheap, and try to select large-scale and regular enterprise production equipment; 2. According to the actual production demand, we should select high-precision pulverizer, and the model selection should be appropriate In order to avoid the phenomenon of overload operation of the equipment; 3. When using the high-precision pulverizer, it should be regularly maintained, so as to make the equipment reach a better working state.


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