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How To Ensure The Output Of Superfine Grinding Machine In The Production Of Grinding Powder

Last Update:2020-05-12 17:57:43

Superfine grinding machine is a kind of special mechanical equipment for processing superfine powder. The equipment is mainly composed of motor, material inlet and outlet, main machine, fan, collector, analyzer, dust remover and other components. The output of superfine mill directly affects the production cycle of users, so the production capacity and output of the equipment become an important factor to measure the quality of the equipment. So for the ultra-fine mill, how can we guarantee the output in the mill production? 1. To ensure the quality of each part of the equipment, the output of the superfine mill is not only related to the equipment itself, but also affected by the environment. Therefore, for the equipment, first of all, the quality of the superfine mill should be guaranteed, so that the equipment can operate without interruption in production and avoid delay; on the other hand, it also ensures the smooth production, The quality of the equipment is closely related to the quality of its components, especially the wearing parts. Only when the quality of each component is guaranteed, can the work of the superfine grinding machine be carried out smoothly, so as to achieve the expected efficiency or get a higher output. 2. As a mechanical equipment, it is normal to repair the parts that may have problems during operation. For example, if the motor of the fan of the superfine grinding machine is heated, we should first see whether it is caused by the high wind pressure. In the production, the user will move to the fan equipment intentionally or unintentionally, so that the wind pressure of the fan is changed, resulting in the occurrence of the motor heating. If it is the problem of the motor itself, this may be because the superfine grinding machine purchased by the user is not from a large manufacturer, so the quality of the equipment can not be guaranteed, resulting in the reduction of production efficiency. In a word, the user should check the parts of the equipment before and after each start-up, especially the vulnerable parts. If there is serious wear, it should be replaced in time, and whether the bolts and nuts are tightened, whether the grease is added enough, and whether the dust is too much at the sealing place. These small details are often the source of the failure of the equipment.


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