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How To Ensure The Ideal Performance Of Crusher Used In Coal Washing Plant

Last Update:2020-05-06 16:17:26

As we all know, coal washing is an indispensable process in coal deep processing. The crusher of coal washing plant can help the coal washing plant to work quickly. The crusher has the characteristics of strong crushing capacity and simple operation, but only correct operation and reasonable maintenance can improve the performance of the crusher used for coal washing. The following is the detailed introduction.

Front row: before officially starting the crusher used for coal washing, the operator must check whether all parts of the crusher are complete, whether there are seriously worn parts, and if there is a need to replace them according to the degree of wear. If the degree of wear is not very serious, the parts can be repaired to make them work normally; if the wear of parts is serious, the parts must be replaced with new ones. For the inspection of the crusher parts in the coal washing plant, it must be insisted that the operators should not fish for three days or dry the net for two days. In addition, the operators should also have some professional knowledge about the equipment inspection.

Second: the operator needs to check whether the screws, screws and other parts of the crusher in the coal washing plant are firmly connected. If they are loose, they must be tightened. Otherwise, they will cause shaking and noise during the operation of the equipment, which is very harmful to the equipment. Before the normal operation of the coal washing crusher, it is also necessary to check whether all instruments of the equipment can work normally. Even in the work, the operator also needs to regularly check whether the values of all instruments are within the normal range. If not, the reason for stopping the machine for inspection shall be checked until the problem is solved.

Third: before the operation of the coal washing crusher, the operator needs to adjust whether the wear degree of the lining plate of the major school of the ore discharge outlet is serious according to the demand of the finished product size on the same day, which will affect the ore discharge outlet. If the lining plate is not repaired or replaced to a certain extent, then the ore discharge outlet will not play a great role in crushing. At this time, the eccentricity can be adjusted, although it is said that the washing outlet will not play a significant role in crushing The throughput of the crusher used for coal is reduced but the quality of the particle size of the finished product is guaranteed. After the completion of the crushing operation, the lining plate shall be repaired or replaced.


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