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How To Ensure The Good Operation Of Equipment In Foshan Crushing Machinery Factory

Last Update:2020-05-12 10:20:20

No matter what kind of equipment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection before the formal operation, so as to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment, as is the case for Foshan crusher in Guangdong Province. Once the inspection before the operation of the equipment is not done well, it is likely to lead to a variety of failures in the operation of the equipment, and even lead to production accidents, the consequences will be very serious. How about Foshan crushing machinery factory to ensure the good operation of the equipment?

Before the crusher is put into operation in Foshan, Guangdong Province, the corresponding inspection work should be done first. For the motor of the equipment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection in time and listen carefully. If abnormal noise and sound are found, it is necessary to take reasonable maintenance measures in time to ensure its normal operation. At the same time, the bearing and connection point of Foshan crusher should also be checked, and lubricating oil should be added in time to ensure the small friction between the bearings and reduce the wear of parts caused in production.

After all the inspection work of Foshan crusher is completed, start the no-load trial operation, let the equipment run for a period of time without adding materials, see whether it operates normally and whether the sound is normal, and start the feeding operation after confirming that there is no fault. If it is found that one end of the toothed plate is worn, it is unnecessary to replace it, and it can still be used normally after turning around.

When adding materials to Foshan crusher, we must pay attention to the speed, not blindly, slowly, not to add non broken materials. Once a large block of stone is found to block the crushing chamber when adding materials, it is not allowed to take it out directly by hand. The correct way is: first shut down the Foshan crusher, then take out the large materials with professional tools, and then operate the equipment again after completely removing them.

Foshan crushing machinery plant experts for you to introduce the good operation of the equipment need to pay attention to the timely details, I hope all operators can pay attention to these details. In the production process of Foshan crusher in Guangdong Province, we must do a good job in supervision, operate the equipment in strict accordance with the operation requirements, and regularly carry out comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.


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