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How To Ensure Stable And Efficient Production Of Taiwan Sealed Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 17:36:29

Before starting Taiwan jaw crusher, first check whether there is any magazine or residual ore in the crushing chamber; check whether the size of the ore discharge outlet meets the requirements; check whether the spring fuse is normal; check the oil volume and oil temperature in the oil tank; check whether the drainage is normal, etc. Taiwan jaw crusher price is actually more affordable, seal jaw crusher manufacturers to introduce next can operate according to the following procedures cone broken.

Open the oil pump of Taiwan jaw crusher to see if the oil pressure is 0.8-1.5kg/cm2 earlier. The range of control oil pressure should not be too high, otherwise an accident will occur. Ensure that the water pressure is lower than the oil pressure, and avoid water infiltration into the oil. After normal operation of the oil pump for 3-5 minutes, start the cone breaking again and let it idle for 1-2 minutes. If everything goes well, then it can be started for production. The price of jaw crusher varies in Taiwan. The manufacturer of sealed jaw crusher says that this is the main step to improve the stability and efficiency of jaw crusher. It is recommended that every entrepreneur should follow this procedure to start up.

When feeding ore to Taiwan jaw crusher, it is necessary to ensure that the characteristics and water content of ore are within the crushing range of crusher and cannot exceed the range, otherwise serious consequences will be caused. The excellent feeding method is to let the material enter the crushing cavity evenly from the distributing tray, so as to avoid the overload of the machine. If the feeding procedure is not well done, it will directly lead to the wear of the lining plate, and greatly reduce the production capacity of the equipment, so that the product granularity of the equipment is more uneven. The technical personnel of seal jaw crusher manufacturer said: the prices of Taiwan jaw crusher are different. At the same time of feeding, the operator also needs to check the ore discharge situation at all times to ensure that the equipment can smoothly carry out feeding and discharging work, so as to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

At present, the price of Taiwan jaw crusher is relatively affordable. The technicians of seal jaw crusher manufacturers say that if they want the crusher equipment to produce stably and efficiently, the operators need to master the above specific methods and operate the equipment according to the correct steps, so as to play the advantages of Taiwan jaw crusher and bring long-term benefits for users.


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