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How To Ensure High Efficiency And Stable Production Of Jaw Crusher Used In Beijing Laboratory

Last Update:2020-05-03 23:44:19

Beijing jaw crusher related personnel said that before the equipment starts, a lot of inspection work needs to be done, including whether there is any residual debris in the crushing chamber, whether other objects are stuck; At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the width of the discharge opening of the broken oil tank in the laboratory meets the requirements of production in a timely manner, as well as the spring safety device of the equipment, and finally the drainage of the jaw crusher used in the laboratory. Then you need to start the device to the following degree:

First of all, it is necessary to start the oil pump to check the oil pressure of the equipment. Pay attention that the oil pressure cannot be too high, so it is easy to cause accidents. The cooling water pressure of the jaw crusher used in the laboratory should be lower than that of the oil pressure, and attention should be paid to avoid water infiltration into the oil during the inspection. Beijing jaw crusher manufacturer said that when the oil pump runs normally for 5 minutes, start the crusher again. The crusher of laboratory jaw crusher needs to idle for a few minutes first, and then start the feeder after it is normal.

Experts from Beijing jaw crusher factory said that when feeding ore and other materials into the crusher, attention should be paid to feed them evenly from the dividing plate to the crushing chamber of the equipment. If they are not evenly added but added in large quantities, they will cause the overload of jaw crusher used in the laboratory, making the movable cone and fixed liner wear too early. The person in charge of the jaw crusher in the laboratory told us that this time may have a great impact on the production efficiency, which needs to be solved in time.

In addition to the above points, the laboratory jaw crusher manufacturer also said that it is necessary to ensure even ore feeding and pay attention to ore discharge. Once there are too many ore discharge piles of jaw crusher in Beijing, the moving cone of the equipment will be jacked up when it is piled up at the ore discharge port of crusher. At this time, it is easy to have major production accidents, causing serious casualties. Therefore, once it is found that the discharge port of the jaw crusher used in the laboratory is blocked, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and deal with it quickly.

In order to help the efficient and stable production of the equipment, Beijing jaw crusher factory has come up with many solutions. The above is a detailed introduction. It is suggested that all operators should pay attention to the operation related matters of the equipment, do well in the maintenance of the equipment, and strictly follow the production steps of the jaw crusher used in the laboratory, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the production line and the very large production efficiency and production volume of the jaw crusher used in the laboratory.


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