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How To Effectively Reduce The Wear Of Kaolin Mill Accessories

Last Update:2020-05-03 11:52:14

Kaolin grinder is composed of many accessories, so the quality of accessories determines whether the equipment can work normally. If the accessories wear after a period of use, it is inevitable in daily operation, which is related to the daily operation and the quality of accessories. If the accessories wear, it should be solved in time to avoid affecting the normal work To reduce the service life of the equipment, let's explain to you the reasons for the wear of accessories of kaolin mill and how to reduce the wear of accessories. First of all, the hardness and fineness of the required grinding materials shall be strictly controlled during the operation of the equipment, because the harder the materials with higher hardness are to be ground, the more serious the wearing condition of vulnerable parts will be, and it is necessary to check whether there are other impurities. In the selection of accessories, select accessories with strong wear resistance and high hardness, so as to ensure the longer service life of the equipment. After that, the maintenance of all accessories should be done well. Some effective maintenance can reduce the wear of accessories and improve the production efficiency and service life of the equipment.


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