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How To Effectively Reduce The Dust In The Production Of Plh850 Small Horizontal Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 03:56:41

Environmental problems have always been the focus of public attention. The current haze weather continues to interfere with people's normal life and work. The sky is no longer blue and the air is no longer fresh. The environmental problems caused by plh850 impact crusher are also prominent. How to solve these problems has become the key. From a practical point of view, it is unrealistic to take measures to control the dust problem caused by the small impact crusher. So how to effectively control the dust in the production of impact crusher?

The problem of dust produced in the production of horizontal impact crusher is very serious. If we want to improve it, we need to innovate in the equipment first, especially in the core technology. In fact, the operation principle of the percussion breaker is the same as that of the blower. The main reason is that the air is drawn into the tail groove and forms a high-pressure air flow, then flows to the low-pressure air flow, and finally makes the dust suspended in the air, which will cause dust pollution.

At present, the dust removal capacity of small impact crushers sold on the market is different, and the equipment quality produced by some small manufacturers is seriously insufficient, which will lead to very poor dust removal effect, and the dust produced cannot be effectively solved during production, which will cause pollution. In view of these common problems, the first thing we need to do is to dredge plh850 impact crusher equipment in time, and it is more critical to change from blocking to dredging.

When dredge the small impact crusher, we need to pay attention not only to dredge, but also to reduce the circulation of dust continuously, which will not cause serious air flow between high pressure and low pressure. Secondly, the design principle of the crusher can be improved, and the operation of plh850 impact crusher can be innovated to make the dust fall automatically instead of floating in the air all the time. In addition, the key point of dust removal is that all manufacturers should master the key technology of dust control.

The dust pollution of small impact crusher in production is a headache for all users, but some reasonable solutions can be found for this problem in actual production. It is hoped that all users should pay attention to the dedusting work, and timely do a good job in dedusting work of plh850 impact crusher, so as to ensure efficient production without air pollution.


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