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How To Effectively Control The Dust In The Secondary Crushing Equipment Of Large Ore

Last Update:2020-05-04 00:44:04

The secondary crushing equipment for large ore is a crushing machine with high frequency of use in production. The feed port of this equipment is large, and the amount of crushed materials is naturally large. Moreover, the design of the whole machine is relatively reasonable and the operation is very simple. At present, it has been widely used in the field of basic construction. However, in the process of equipment operation, there will be a lot of dust, once not handled in time, it will bring great harm to the equipment and operators. So how to effectively control the dust of the secondary crushing equipment?

As a common crushing equipment, the secondary crushing equipment of large ore generally needs a feeder in the process of operation, so as to ensure the continuous and even feeding. But generally speaking, there is a certain height gap between the feeder and the crusher. When the material falls, it will have a big collision, which leads to the generation of dust. The working principle of the secondary crushing equipment is to crush the materials through extrusion crushing, so the generation of dust is inevitable.

Many users know the performance parameters of the secondary crushing equipment. In fact, in the process of production, once a lot of dust is generated, it needs to be handled in time and effectively controlled. The first method is airtight control, which is mainly to insert a vertical airtight feeding channel between the equipment and the vibrating feeder, at the same time, the feeding port of the secondary crushing equipment of large ore should be fully implemented, so as to effectively avoid the escape of dust.

In order to reduce the production of dust in the secondary crushing equipment of large ore, the general method is to reduce the vertical height between the feeder and the crushing equipment, so that the height of the material in the process of transportation will naturally reduce a lot, and the dust can also be reduced a lot. In addition, the spray device is generally installed around the secondary crushing equipment. Once the dust escapes during the operation of the equipment, it can be treated in time to absorb the dust.

When the secondary crushing equipment of large ore is running, it may produce a lot of dust. How to solve these problems has become a major dilemma in production. The above is a detailed introduction to the causes of dust in production and common solutions. I believe that everyone has a detailed understanding of this. In actual production, relevant protective measures must be taken to absorb the dust as much as possible to prevent damage to equipment and operators.


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