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How To Debug Pf1210 Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 23:26:26

As we all know, when the new equipment is installed, it can only enter the normal working state after debugging. 1210 impact crusher is a popular crushing equipment at present. Many industries need its help in crushing operation. However, many users do not know how to debug 1210 impact crusher. In order to make the impact crusher enter the production more smoothly, the following describes the debugging steps of the equipment in detail for you.

The commissioning of 1210 impact crusher is a key step in the installation of the equipment. When commissioning the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to some precautions and the installation and commissioning steps for commissioning. First of all, before the impact crusher leaves the factory, the rotor of the equipment has been balanced, so the user does not need to adjust the balance of the rotor. If the hammerhead or rotor needs to be replaced for some reasons in the future work, the user needs to debug 1210 to break the balance of the rotor.

Secondly, it is necessary to adjust the balance of 1210 counterattack and break the main engine, and control the tightness of the belt and the fixed motor. In general, the user must grasp the balance point of the belt tightness, which will affect the normal operation of 1210 impact crusher and even greatly reduce the production efficiency. Therefore, when debugging the impact crusher, the user must be careful and do not let go of any small problems. Only in this way can the equipment work smoothly in the future.

In addition, during commissioning, it is necessary to check whether the installation position of pf1210 impact breaking accessories is appropriate, whether they are firm, whether they are deformed, moved, etc., and at the same time, it is necessary to tighten the bolts to ensure tight sealing. The connection of electrical box, delay relay, overload protector and so on are also the key points of commissioning 1210. The operators should carry out commissioning one by one and solve the problems in time once they are found. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the rotation direction of the motor, check whether the fuse is suitable, and check whether there is leakage in the hydraulic system. If there is leakage, it is necessary to adjust it in time.

The normal 1210 impact crusher will not only provide the user with the operation instructions and debugging instructions of the equipment, but also provide the original pf1210 impact crusher accessories to solve the user's worries. As a crushing equipment, only when the impact crusher is well debugged, can it enter into production more smoothly, can it bring long-term profits for users and realize its own value.


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