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How To Debug Linyi Crusher In Shandong Province

Last Update:2020-05-11 18:24:15

Shandong Linyi crusher factory told the user that the crusher should be debugged before purchase, and the installation of new equipment can only be carried out after the debugging is normal, and Linyi crusher can operate normally. Crusher is now widely used in various industries, and is welcomed and liked by many users. However, many users do not know how to debug the crusher when they purchase and use the crusher. Debugging is also for the sake of the crusher to be able to produce smoothly. Next, Shandong Linyi crusher factory will introduce the correct steps of crusher debugging.

The debugging of crusher equipment is an important step in the installation of Linyi crusher in Shandong Province. First of all, before the impact crusher leaves the factory, the rotor of the crusher equipment will be balanced, so there is no need to adjust the balance degree of the rotor during commissioning. Of course, if the rotor and hammer head need to be replaced due to faults or problems during operation, users need to balance the rotor of crusher equipment at this time.

In addition to dealing with the balance of the crusher rotor, it is also necessary to deal with the balance of the crusher host. It is very important to control the belt tightness of the main engine and the fixed motor, and to hold the balance point of the belt tightness. If the equipment is too loose and too tight, it will not work normally, which will affect the normal operation of Linyi crusher and reduce the production efficiency of the crusher. In addition, the commissioning of the crusher also needs to see whether the installation position is appropriate, whether it is firm, whether there is deformation, movement, etc., to ensure tight sealing. For the debugging process of the crusher, the user should not be careless. If he is not careful, he may let go of some small problems, which may become a big problem in the future, or even a serious problem to prevent the normal operation of the equipment.

Shandong Linyi crusher factory said: the debugging of the crusher is very necessary, and it is also the basic preparation work to ensure the normal operation of the crusher in the future. If the user wants to improve the production efficiency of the crusher equipment in production, he needs to pay attention to every small detail. Do not think that debugging Linyi crusher is a very troublesome thing, including the daily maintenance of the crusher And maintenance should also be regarded as routine inspection, which can extend the service life of crusher and the stability of production efficiency.


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